Friday, July 31, 2009

Deer Tails and Bunny Tales

Funny title huh? On my way home from work on the campus of the University of Michigan we saw 2 fawns. It is kind of difficult for you to see them and you can really just see one but they are there. My DD1 was with me and has a better photo but she forgot to send it to me. She took pics with her camera first and by the time she got to mine they were more into the forest.
DD1 sent me this photo and you can see both of the fawns. (Both butts as someone pointed out, and you know who you are...) Aren't they so adorable??
Baby Deers
I think you will appreciate that as I was coming into work today I was thinking about what I would blog about. I asked DD if she had sent me the pics of the fawns, but no she had not. So I was left with my less than desirable photo. Too bad for me (for you too as they were adorable!) I was NOT happy that I had no good photos to blog today. It was a really busy day in the lab though so I am just getting around to posting now. BUT... In the mean time, I have some exciting news! There will be a really, really good give away in my next post. I am waiting for something before I post but should be posting later tonight so please stop back in. *Trust me* you will NOT be sorry that you did.

Intrigued? Stay tuned...


Crispy said...

I never get to see the fawns around here because the crops are too tall. We see the baby Antelope pretty often because they hang out closer to the road.

Oooo a giveaway....I'll be back :0)


Allie said...

Aw - so sweet! Tell your daughter to send that pic.

Anonymous said...

They are sooooooo adorable. I left a message for Anne on her blog and it printed OK then I left a blog for you and it is in cyber space some where. I'll try again tomorrow. I just haven't got it yet. Hopefully this will work. Received my crow fabric today and love it. Canton

Anne said...

Love your pic, they are so adorable. I saw one in one of the farmers corn field the other day when I took my color wash to the long armer.
Will go to Bunny Hill Design and leave a post.

kathy s said...

love these fawns they are so cute- you are so lucky to have wildlife around you like that

Karen said...

I began following your blog yesterday after reading about your contest on Crispy Quilts.

The fawn picture is really cute! Aren't they adorable? We enjoy seeing some like these in our back yard.

I'm from Michigan also and worked at the U of M Hospital as a medical transcriptionist. Small world, huh?

Take care,


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