Friday, September 16, 2011

Any Iron Suggestions?

It's that time again.  Time to buy a new iron.  My Orek died.  RIP.  My DH bought it for me thinking that b/c you can use it as a cordless it would be good but the holes are way too big and always getting caught on my fabrics when I am trying to press something.

So, I am asking you , my bloggy friends, for any helpful suggestions on a new iron.  I want something with small  holes I do know that much, and something that won't leak when it has water in it.  Other than that I'm totally open to your advice.  

C'mon, let me have it!!


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

OK, I feel like somewhat of an iron expert as I've bought MANY and have had varied results. I love, love, love the steam generator type iron with a separate fill tank, they're unparalleled for steam. My only experience has been with Rowenta and I am increasingly disappointed in their quality. I had one die a watery, spurty, death a few weeks ago at the young age of 7 months. Not acceptable! Having said that, I have pulled out "Old Trusty" and am using that right now with stellar results, it's a conventional (tank on the body of the iron)Rowenta powerglide 2, I love it. However... your question. I have heard terrific things about the Velocity iron:
and the Reliable IronMaven steam generator:

Now, if the truth were known what I'd really like is the whole LauraStar system, but that's not going to happen. Aren't you glad you asked?

Good luck!

Jocelyn said...

We stayed in a couple of hotels last week while traveling, and I wondered if they have the secret?? Every hotel we stay in seems to have a good working iron.
My recent copy of Machine Quilting Unlimited had a great article about Irons. Two key points about water leakage -
The most common cause of water leakage is not allowing the iron to heat up fully before use. Second, turn the steam button to off when refilling the reservoir. If on, the iron will try to create steam immediately and the cold water will leak.
Their recommendations -
Reliable Velocity V50
Teliable Digital Velocity V100
T-fal Ultraglide FV4379
Rowenta Focus DZ5080

I have personally used a German made Rowenta for 10 years and love it.

Allie said...

I do have a suggestion - it's one I'll be getting when I can afford it.

I've heard very, very good things about it.

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

I suggest cheap Walmart but not digital. The iron Im currently using Ive had for about 10-12 years from Sunbeam. The one before that lasted about as long was a Black and Decker. I dont use a lot of steam anymore as its not needed for the fusibles so much. Also I perfer to use starch-again cheap, Niagra in the spray bottle$2-3. You can buy more fabric with the money you save.

Impera Magna said...

I have a Rowenta Powerglide 2... can't remember when I got it but it's been years now.... works great and uses tapwater!

jennifer w. said...

The heaviest Shark you can get at Target or Walmart (I think they may carry them.)Love mine.

Annemiek said...

My irons never last longer than 1 or 2 years. No matter if it's a cheap one or an expensive one. I really try to take good care of it, but sooner than later it starts to leak in spite of my efforts. So...i buy a cheaper one and replace it after 1,5 year. Nice feature is one that shuts of automaticly, and it shouldn't be too heavy otherwise my shoulders and elbow starts to hurt. Happy hunting!

Charity said...

A friend of mine has a Rowentta. When I go over to sew, I have iron envy:( The iron works like a charm.

RobynLouise said...

Another Sunbeam user here. I've tried a couple of other brands but they 'carked' it after a couple of years. Current Sunbeam is 4-5 yrs old and it's 2 predessors lasted around 10 years each. Mum always had/has a Sunbeam too so I guess I was 'imprinted' at a young age :). 5 irons in 32 years of ironing my own clothes/fabrics isn't too bad.

Unknown said...

I am head over heels with my press. I have a tendency to iron not press. This press has made my seams & such like nice & happy. Steam when I want it, no drips either. Yes, I still have & occasionally use my iron. I use a spritz of water to set my seams, no distortion. Swoon! And good luck.

Nonnie Quilting Dreams said...


BLACK AND DECKER WITH STEAM it is heavy and works really well.

Pressure and heat is what makes pressing work.


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