Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kitty Knoodling

Is knoodling even a word?  Well, I was going to sew yesterday afternoon and went into my sewing room and saw Aiden and Mosen on the couch like this!
LMAO! Then I sat down to sew and Aiden (the orange one) was purring so loudly, it was almost as loud as my Bernina! Who knows how they can sleep like that?

I hope to have some quilty content tomorrow. I was called down to downtown Detroit for jury duty yesterday so not much to show for the day. Didn't get selected for a jury but had to go anyway. Hope you are having a good day!! ~XOP~


Impera Magna said...

Thanks for doing your civic duty! Are you done now? Don't have to go back?

Love your snuggling kitties... they look very comfy!

JudyC said...

Love the kitty knoodling picture, my two do the same thing if only we could all sleep so well.

Sara said...

AH your kitties are Joann's fans!!

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

Very cute! Purring kitties is better than my snoring doggie lol.

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