Monday, September 12, 2011

Spartan Football!!

Outside Spartan Stadium
We were lucky enough to get tickets for the MSU football game on Saturday.  I didn't care that they were playing a small team, or that it was pouring rain the entire way there.  I was going to go to a Spartan football game!!!!!  As we drove on to campus the rain went away and the sun began to shine down on MSU.  God loves Spartan football!!

We met up with my husband's sister and her husband and my husband's brother and his wife and their kids. We had so much fun! All six of us are MSU grads and bleed green and white. They have season tickets and parking passes so we parked and walked and joined their party!
My BIL was working the grill making breakfast sandwiches.

Mark, the grill master
Then my SIL's son showed up with some of his buddies. They were heading off to the U of M night game. Clearly wearing the wrong attire for our party! His other brother, our God son, graduated from MSU also. His mom is the one on the left.

Margie, Matt and Jackie
Now Mark and Jackie have a daughter attending MSU as a freshman this year. Our middle daughter graduated from MSU also. Lots of green and white! I look awful in this photo, hindsight tells me that I was getting sick! I ended up with a fever later that night!

Chris and I
On top of everything else MSU won their game 44-0. After their last score I managed to capture the fight song as I panned the stadium.

We really missed DD2 but all in all it was an amazing day. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too.  ~XOP~


Allie said...

Glad you had a good time but....[I hate football] hockey is my game!

MB in MI said...

I've got my 'propoerty of MSU Football' t-shirt on to go walkin' this morning!! Go Green.....:-)

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