Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look Who Came To Visit

I was sitting at my sewing table minding my own business when I happened to look out the window.  What did I see?  The most adorable Gold Finch feasting on the seeds from my Cone Flowers.  How adorable is she?
Cropped FinchGold finch cropped
I was looking over my latest swaps. I thought I would take just a minute or two of your time and share them with you too!
First up was this honey bun of Sweet along with some yardage. SWEET!

Next up was a visit from my my favorite characters, the Ghastlies!! Who doesn't love them? I am not sure what I will use them in but I needed them to stop in for a visit.

I'm really liking that green color way too. Do you guys have some of this? If you do what are you making with yours?
Then I had bought a Groupon and it was to This and That Japan. It was going to expire soon so I had to use it. This is the loot I picked out with my Groupon.
This and That Japan stash
I love those cats and those bunnies are to die for!  If you haven't checked out This and That you certainly should!  I'm just trying to keep my head above water this week, so incredibly busy at my paying job!  Might be a quiet blog week for me but who knows.  ~XOP~


Calicojoan said...

I made a hidden wells quilt with the green Ghastlies last year. It is still my favorite fabric of all time. Nothing like a little irreverance for the Halloween season. :-) :-) The images just make me laugh every time I look at it. It's not been easy to find this year. I have looked around to get more, only to find it "not" in my shops! :-(

Vicki H. said...

The fabrics are very pretty. I am drawn to the pink fabric with the cowboy/cowgirl on it. How cute. The gastlies is funny, but I am with you what to use it for? I would be tempted to make a seasonal big tote bag or a wall hanging to show off the print. Nice shopping!

Impera Magna said...

I would love to have goldfinches (or any bird) visit my coneflowers... however, the bunnies eat the plants to the ground. *sigh*

I've not seen the Ghastlies before... but they are intriguing!

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