Thursday, September 08, 2011

Blocks for Amy

Many of you know Amy from Mrs. Schmenkman quilts.  Amy recently lost her husband to occular melanoma. (He was only 42)   If you want to know more you can go here and Sarah explains all about it.  Basically she is gathering up blocks for a couple of quilts.  So if you want to contribute to the quilt, please email Sarah and let her know.  One set of blocks is bright and one pastel.  The pattern is simple and I made mine in less than 30 minutes for both of them.  If you happen to have some Kaffe or Phillip Jacobs fabric and some white you are in business.  Here are mine.

For AmyFor Amy's Daughter

All I need to do is sign them and send them off. My condolences go out to Amy and her daughter. I have no idea how it would be to suffer such a loss when you are so young. I pray that God will be with you and your daughter to get you though.  ~XOP~


Allie said...

Your blocks look great hon - I'll be praying for her and her daughter. My dad was 43 when he died.

Anonymous said...

My warmest wishes to Amy and her daughter. I am honoured to have my fabric used in this project. My father died when he was 44.(I was 9)
Philip Jacobs

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