Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Extended Christmas

Yesterday was quite a day.  I got a crown in the morning and then called my friend Cori to see what she and Pauline were up to.  Turns out she had been in a car accident the night before so their escapades were curtailed.  She and her son are OK, but the car needed some attention.  It had to go into the body shop.  I followed her to the shop to make sure she made it alright then we drove to the rental car place, where I dropped her off.  We met up a little later for lunch with Pauline

We did a small gift exchange for Christmas so I thought I would show you what I got and what I got them.  I was sooooo excited to give my gifts and I wanted to share with you all but they both read my blog so I couldn't share until now.  I bought some drawings from Tasha of A Little Sweetness.  She customized them for me too.  Check out her ETSY shop for some really cute illustrations, note cards and embroidery patterns too.  Thanks Tasha!!

The one I got for Pauline, Tasha made her with red hair as she was a redhead when younger. I bought this one because, let me tell you, this one can SHOP!

My gift to Pauline

I had Tasha put the name of Cori's online shop on this one.

My gift to Cori

I bought this one for myself and had Tasha put our names on the sewing tables.


Now you might want to see what they got me right? 
First from Pauline. 
These adorable towels, in my colors too!

From Pauline

Then this super cute fleece jacket. So soft and cozy!

From Pauline

I think she really out did herself with all her gifts (I told you she can shop!)
Oh and look there, Mosen is overseeing all the loot!!  
Look at all that gorgeous wool.  
She also stitched that cute dish soap apron. 
Last but not least the beautiful deviled egg dish. 

From Pauline

Thanks Pauline! You're the BEST!

Then on to what I got from Cori. Again, both of them did way too much! Isn't this ruler adorable?

From Cori

Also that quilty pack of post it notes (in my colors too), a great notebook for quilty notes and 2 count them 2 sets of silk thread to try!! 
I am overwhelmed by both of their generosity!
My friends are truly amazing!!

From Cori

Bet you wish they were your friends too?
I have managed to get a couple of quilts back from the quilter (thanks Liz) but will post about them soon as this one is getting quite long.
Have a wonderful day! 


Sara said...

I adore Tasha's things and I would love to personalize the sewing tables for my Aunt since she is a sewer too:) Great idea!!!

Oh that soap apron is too sweet too!

Anna said...

I love your friends...ask them if they want a desperate new friend!?

Crispy said...

Great gifts!! Yep, you are truly blessed with your friends :0)


Brenda said...

How awesome! Looks like you have some great friends. I also could not post about some gifts I made because my friends and I celebrated late. I posted about them here
I think I will be blogging more regularly again and able to stop by more often. Always love to see what you are up to!

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