Sunday, January 15, 2012

Got 6 Hours?

That's how long it took me to make the components of 3 Geese In A Ring blocks!
I am in a swap group and need to get my blocks done to put in the mail but have not had any time since before Christmas to make them.
It takes so long to make one block though.
If they weren't so amazing I would probably have given up by now, LOL.
Here are the three I managed to make yesterday.



This one is for my friend Jeannette.


I was especially pleased to have been able to center the bunny and the yellow henna garden.


Henna Garden yellow

Now I have to take the paper off the blocks and sew them together.
Then I need to start on the last 3.
One is reds and pinks, one is pink, yellow and green and the last one is for me!!
In aqua and lime green!!

Well, I had best get my behind in gear, haha.
I'm watching Rome with my DH and I hate to go into the sewing room just now, but I am going to go shortly, as soon as this episode is finished. Have any of you seen the series?
It is wonderful! 
So happy sewing everyone and tell me if you have any tv series you like watching.


Anna said...

Those blocks are AMAZING, the only problem is I am afraid of paper! LOL

What is Rome about besides Rome..and where can I watch it?

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

They look great! Paper piecing is fun!

Brenda said...

Oh man those are wonderful! I do not think it is something I would tackle. Just did my first paper piecing and it was just some hexagons that i put together for a flower applique.

Gill said...

I love the circle of geese pattern! but how long did you say?????

Allie said...

Those are great, Pam! Never heard of Rome, I don't watch tv....never anything good on!

Jan Maree said...

time consuming but oh so worth the effort!

Denise :) said...

Oh my gosh, this block is gorgeous as are the fabrics you've used!!! GORGEOUS!!! :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

They are beautiful Pam! Lucky swappers!

Vickie said...

Love the blocks! Great colors!

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