Monday, January 23, 2012

New Fabrics

UH OH, I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything much new this year.
LOL, so much for that resolution!
I found the Suzuko Koseki daisies and it was all over. 
These are so beautiful! 
Here see for yourself.

SK Daisies

I told you! 
Now don't blame me if you get bitten by the Suzuko bug too. 
I did make a friend online that lives in Japan and she found the royal blue colorway for me.
If I *need* all of them I will still need the dark green and the cream. 
I'm pretty sure that I do need those.

Then Hawthorne Threads sent me an email telling me that some fabric I have been drooling over that was out of stock is now back in stock all know what that means right. 
It is on it's way to my house too.
Have you ever ordered from them? I love them. 
My first choice is always Crazy Quilt Girl (although she is currently closed as her mom just had knee surgery) but sometimes she doesn't have the things I am after so the next place is Hawthorne Threads or 
Sometimes the prices are similar and HT almost always has a better selection.

Any new lines out there that you all are excited about?
I have a couple I am lusting after. 
Most of them are not even out yet!! 
Haha, so still time to save my pennies.



Jan Maree said...

yep those daisies are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I love those daisies and the color are very nice.

Impera Magna said...

What a great print... and gorgeous colors too!

Crispy said...

The ol' proverbial wagon didn't get too far down the road before you fell off ROFL!! They are very pretty fabrics though :0)


ytsmom said...

I love this fabric! Daisies are a favorite of mine, and have not seen it before. I am also really liking Moda's Urban Cowgirl line. Hope I can find some somewhere, although, I am resolved to cut back on my purchase of fabric this year as well! (Not doing so great on that either!!)

dot said...

Okay, it is your fault I had to place an order with Hawthorn Threads. I saw some orange fabric I just couldn't live without and ordered all they had left. I wasn't going to purchase any fabric this year either, only what was absolutely necessary.
I will have to be better at restraining myself or just keep convincing myself I am stocking up for 4 more BO years :).

Donna said...

Oh, my gosh, those fabrics are gorgeous!

Vickie said...

Love the daisies!

Brenda said...

Love those daisies! I just want some new fabric. I am in need of a fabric shopping buzz...Thanks for the heads up on your favorite shopping spots. I've bought from Crazy Quilt Girl and just stopped by there yesterday and wondered why her site would not come up.

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