Sunday, May 06, 2012

Farm Livin Is The Life For Me

Yesterday morning DD1 needed to go out to our friend, Liz's, farm to check on her animals.
 I went with her so I could get some pictures of some of the animals there.
 I will post some here but there are a TON more on my Flickr.

 We hand raised 2 pea fowl from eggs, Osirus (female) and Blu (male). 
The other male is Octavian and the 2 females are Aurora and Lilley.

Here is DD1 with her bestie goat friend!

This is the newly built goat pen

New goat pen

When we go out and the donkey's saw us the new baby, Electra followed me around like a puppy.
 It was so cute.
Here she is with her mom, Pearl.

Pearl and Electra

 The peafowl have their own enclosure.
 When the roosters are naughty Liz throws them into the peafowl pen.
 That pen is now dubbed "Rooster Jail".

Peacock pen

This is Octavian, our opal Peacock. Isn't he beautiful?


 Here are Aurora and Lilley.
 Aurora is in the foreground.

 Aurora and Lilley 

 This is DD1's "baby", Osirus. 
 She is very friendly with my daughter and will come and take food from me.
 She is also very nosey! 
 Everything seems to be her business! 

Shelby petting Osirus 

 Here is Osirus taking cat food from me. She LOVES cat food. 

Me feeding Osirus 

I did work on some quilty things and have done some new swaps so will show more of that later.
 I hope everyone is having a great weekend.



Faith said...

Aww I love the pictures Pam thanks for showing, arent all the animals so lovely, they are all beautiful. i had to laugh with the peacocks loving cat food, my hounds love cat food too,,,thats if they can escape to the cat roomx

MB in MI said...

The pea fowl are beautiful. Thanks for the visit to the farm...what fun!

Impera_Magna said...

What fun! No wonder that you went along...

Uhmm... what do the rooster do get get sent to the pea fowl pen??? Just curious...


Brenda said...

Oh my, love all of the animals but I would try and steal that little donkey away. I think I could find a place for it in my back yard. Sooo cute!

Sara said...

That Electra is precious:) Looks like you had a great day!

Allie said...

How fun is that! Electra is adorable!!!!!

Karen said...

I just want electra to live with me, so cute!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Looks like so much fun. Love the peacocks.

Quilt n Queen said...

Electra is the cutest ever...Mama is keeping an eye on her. It's always fun to visit the farm....will have to do it this summer...for sure!!

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