Thursday, May 31, 2012

Visiting Raleigh and My DD2

I am *finally* home from my trip.
(I'll just save that story for another day)
 It was great to visit with my daughter and also great to be home again!
 I have a million photos
 (most I won't bore you with, they will be on flickr if you want to see them). 
I am going to go in order of the things we did so I can hope to keep it all straight.

I arrived Tuesday night and that was uneventful. 
We re-packed and got ready for our drive into the mountains and the Nantahala river rafting trip. 
The drive was a little over 4 hours from Raleigh to the Nantahala Outdoor Center
(thank you Jeannette).
 We stopped at an outlet mall before continuing on to our destination. 
I managed to snap this pic of her in a gorgeous dress, even though we didn't buy this one,
 she looked so beautiful in it I couldn't resist a picture!

As we left the outlet mall it began to rain.
 Not storm, just dreary, steady rain.
It looked something like this for the entire drive.

We finally reached the Nantahala Inn.  We had to park below and climb up this

walk up to the room

to get to our room. The front porch was so cool! 

Nantahala Inn porch

 Our room was quite comfortable 

Nantahala Inn our room

River's End

 We settled in and then drove back down the mountain to the River's End for some dinner. 
 We sat out on the back porch and watched the river flow by while we ate.

Nantahala river
Me and Kelsey at dinner on the river
We had to get fortified for out big river trip on Thursday morning! 

My dinner

That's all for now kiddos. 
 Rafting trip will be tomorrow so stay tuned!! 



Impera Magna said...

Glad you "finally" made it home safely! Love your lodging in the mtns... looks like rafting would be quite fun! Your daughter is beautiful... but you already knew that, yes?

MB in MI said...

Pam! Friends from H.S. (about 25 of us!) went to Nantahala 25 years ago to go river rafting!! It is a beautiful place. Looks like you all had fun.
You and your lovely daughter look great together in that photo!!
Thanks for sharing...........:-)

Rachel said...

Wow, she looks great in that dress! LOVE the whole mountain thing going on! I SO want to be there right now :-) Looking forward to the rapids!

Sara said...

Kelsey is so pretty:) So happy you arrived in one piece back home!

The place you stayed at looks spectacular!!

Brenda said...

Great picture of you and your daughter! Looks like a great place to stay. Look forward to more on the trip.

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

Looks like you had fun! I hope you blog about your shop hop! Next time Ill shop hop you in the winston area.

Faith said...

The photos are brilliant you both look so good therex

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