Saturday, May 05, 2012

Gifts and Finds

My friends Yuki and Hiro are here visiting the US for a few weeks.  
They stopped in at work and brought me a few little gifties. 
 You are just gonna die when you see this.

Some Suzuko Koseki fabric and an Orla Kiely scarf!!! 
Plus a little something from Hiro covered in bunnies. 
 A stand up mirror. 
 These are so cute. 
 I love the fabric and the scarf.  
Thanks guys!!

I also wanted to let you see a find from cleaning at my dad's house.  

A fabulous old turkey platter.  Gobble Gobble!!

I made a pit stop at the SA last week and picked up this little beauty too.  

Isn't it so adorable? 
 I love that it's in pink. 
 I have several of these glass animals sitting on baskets 
but this one is my new favorite.

So that was great!  
Work this week was so weird and stressful that it was nice to have some positive things to focus on.  Then, I went to the grocery store and picked up a giant bag of dog food. 
 I brought it in the house and set it in the kitchen and promptly stubbed my toe. 
 It hurt so bad that I thought I might have broken it. 
 Look (or don't)

It looks soo much worse today! 
 I think it is just bruised though and not broken because I can walk on it.

OK off to watch Thor with DH. 
 Have a great evening!! 

 More adventures tomorrow!!



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

OUCH! I hope it feels better soon.

Allie said...

What gorgeous gifts - love that scarf! The turkey platter is very cool, you'll have to use it this year at Thanksgiving. OUCH OUCH OUCH about your toe - a couple of years ago, I dropped an empty Hershey's syrup on my little toe and it DID break. Be careful and rest it, girl!

Faith said...

The gifties look great, hope your toes feel better soon and so glad you got to watch THOR oh that Thor is one of my favourites and I saw Thor and Iron man again in The Avengers which is brilliantx

Sara said...

Girl you got some awesome gifts!!!! Hope your toe is much better.

Helen L said...

We have that same turkey platter and use it every thanksgiving!! It was my DH's grandmothers. Love those family treasures!!

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