Wednesday, May 09, 2012

A Finish, YEAH!!

I am so excited to finally have a finish!  
It seems like it's been forever since I had one. 
I mean binding done, label on, ready for the hand off. 
 I have been doing my labels directly on the quilt of late. 
 I don't like how a sewn on label usually looks on the back of a quilt.  
Although that being said, there are some that I really like, just not any of mine, LOL.  
The quilt I finished is the Water quilt.  
Remember this one?

I really need to get a better photo of it that shows it off better because it is really 
vibrant and beautiful in person.  
It is going to my DD2 that lives in NC.  
I am going to roll it up and bring it on the plane with me.

This is what I did with the label.

I wanted to finish the back of my dad's quilt but needed some additional fabric 
which I should have in my hot little hands tonight, although,
I probably won't be able to work on it until the weekend anyway.  

DH and I are going to go to Shipshewana tomorrow and will
spend the night there in a B & B, should be fun. 
 He has had the week off and I have been stuck here at work = (  
I thought it would be good to get to spend at least a couple of days together and
 that's where he wanted to go.  
I will take lots of pictures, it is a wonderful place to visit! 
 Lots of fabric, antiques, 
Jo-Jo's pretzels (OMG YUM!!), and Yoder's meat and cheese shop.  

Don't forget the cutting instructions will be posted for Sliced Apples on Monday May 14th
 so be sure and stop back.  

I have a question for you, do you want us to wait for 2 weeks to post the sewing directions
do you think you will want them in a week? 
Say on May 21
There is not a lot of cutting really, but there is a LOT of sewing and trimming. 
 LMK what you think and we will go from there.

OK my peeps, I have to get to work at my real job now.  

Science awaits!



beaquilter said...

that's LOVELY! do more pictures and close ups of the quilting too and the blocks, just a great quilt! have fun too on your adventure

Quilt n Queen said...

DD2 is going to luv her quilt. It is beautiful. When ever it is best for you to post the steps is good for me.....I'm always behind anyway!! That's my life story....xop

Rachel said...

That is so pretty!

Teresa in Music City said...

Love your water quilt - those are my favorite colors together! I am sure your "little mermaid" will love it!

Impera_Magna said...

Lovely quilt and it's a great idea to "label" on the quilt back...

Faith said...

Well done that is great.... you just cant beat that feeling when youve finished something can you I felt like that when I did all that handquilting for that coat,,,,, its got to be made up now.... into a coat eeek x hope you have a lovely time in Shipshewanax

c said...

THAT is so great, that i want one too! and I rarely make a quilt for me, I have one I made.
I love that.........can hardly wait for it

Allie said...

That is gorgeous Pam, and I love the label - I'm going to try a new method, I usually write on the back too, but this new way sounds good. It's not really new...Shari in Australia posted about it on her blog. Basically you take a triangle of fabric with one edge being selvedge, stitch down the two non-selvedge sides with the binding, then you just have to stitch the one selvedge side. Sounds easy enough even for me, lol.

My Old Quilting Soul said...

I LOVE this quilt. I hope you bring it tonight so I can drool on it before you take it away!

Margaret said...

Love the quilt.

As for the quilt along....I think I would like the sewing instructions one week later.

Sara said...

The Water quilt is gorgeous!! Your daughter will LOVE it!!!

I have to get ready for an art fair coming up so I will be behind a bit with the QAL. I am really,really looking forward to it!

Vicki Freeman said...

Wow! That is one gorgeous quilt!! :)

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