Sunday, May 20, 2012

Have You Seen Me?

My DD1, the own that raises peafowl found some incredible dishes at Home Goods where we live.  Unfortunately, she was not able to score a complete 12 place settings.
 I am hoping that if I post a photo of the plate maybe you guys can look at Home Goods near you
 and let me know if you can find any.
 We are happy to pay you, or call the store and see if they will ship to us.

With that being said, here is what the lunch plate looks like:

Isn't it pretty? 
 OK, I am now officially in panic mode. 
 I leave for NC in 2 days and I have a LOT to do here before I go.
 As if I had a brain in my head I sewed a chenille blanket last night and put the binding on it today.
 I still need to turn it but I need to go and get thread.
 I have a new great nephew that I really want to get this made for. It might happen before I leave. Need to go to the bank, clean the house, finish laundry oh and pack of course.
 To top it all off I am suffering from allergies (which I have never had before), but I am miserable! Alright off to get my things done.
 Have a wonderful day.
 I will show you photos of the chenille tomorrow



Quilt n Queen said...

The plates are beautiful. I can help you with stitching the binding down and I probably have thread to match. Remember, I bought that case of thread at Joann's last year. It sure has come in handy...used it for one of Robins quilts...let me know. The kids are coming for supper and will be leaving tomorrow, probably after lunch...Don't work too hard!!

Karen said...

I so wish there was a Homegoods here in Iowa so I could help you out. I've been in the same position where I've had 4 but wanted 8.

Brenda said...

OH my, you do have a lot to do. I have heard often this year of people having allergy symptoms that never had before.

Jodie said...

Oh I love that plate! I was at Home Goods a few weeks ago and I didn't see it (I'm on a mission for a bunch of plates to decorate a wall in my new house). I may go again in the next week or two and I'll keep an eye out.

Jodie said...

Oh... and that's the store in Fresno, CA. : )

MB in MI said...

I checked the Rochester Marshall's (Home Goods) store and they weren't there on Friday, Pam. Good luck for your trip and yes, this is a BAD year for people with and without allergies :-(

Impera Magna said...

Since you're going to be in Raleigh this coming week, check out these HomeGoods stores...

Falls Village Shopping Center
6661 Falls of Neuse Rd
Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone: 919-845-6760

Brier Creek Shopping Center 9.4 miles
8371 Brier Creek Pwy
Raleigh, NC 27617
Phone: 919-361-3614

Beaver Creek Crossings Shopping Center
1571 Beaver Creek Common Rd
Apex, NC 27502
Phone: 919-363-3233

Renaissance Village 16.0 miles
8200 Renaissance Pkwy, Ste. 103
Durham , NC 27713
Phone: 919-806-5421

Anna said...

we do not have a home goods store but the plates are stunning!

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