Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Teeny Tiny Paper Piecing

Have you ever seen something online and thought, oh my.  I need to try to make that. 
 Well, that was me with this pattern I saw on Instagram.  
The pattern was by Jeli Quilts
 I bought it on Craftsy
 I saw that Jeli had shrunk her pattern to 33% and made the cutest pin cushion I had ever seen. 
 I love the ring of geese anyway. 
 So with her permission, I too shrunk her pattern and started paper piecing.  

Here is one of my quarters.  See those blue seeds in there??

Pretty small huh?

This shows all 4 quarters finished.

All sewn together.

Choosing the back of the pin cushion.

I sewed an inch of white all the way around this.
Next step was to spray baste the "top" to the batting and quilt it.  I went with straight line quilting
Now for the quilting.

You can see I have not trimmed it yet. 
 I have since trimmed it to just over 4.5" square and have sewn the back to this. 
 Now to stuff it, using crushed walnut shells and sew the opening closed. 
 Then it will be ready for our guild exchange!

Here we go.
It's all stuffed and the opening sewn shut!
I hope it's new owner will love it as much as I do!!

I learned that I loved to do teeny, tiny paper piecing. 
 I really enjoyed making this and will make more in the future. 
 I was a little imtimidated but it really was easy and I really did enjoy the process! 
 If you purchase the pattern, tell Jeli I sent you!!

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday too.  



roccagal said...

totally adorable-just like the maker!

~Diana said...

Prettiest pin cushion ever! Soooo tiny!

dianne said...

awesome sauce!!! i LURVE circles of flying geese and i NEED one of these!!!

krazgrl said...

This is so pretty. I've yet to try paper piecing but would love to give it a go.

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

That is sew cute! Love how it turned out.

Kelly said...

It looks fantastic - I'm so glad you tried it :) Thanks for linking me up and I have to say I giggled a lot about being called Jeli, although it is still what my Dad calls me ;-)

ipatchandquilt said...

OMG! That is truely tiny piecing! incredible work! Love the rainbow colours!!!
esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Incredible detail on such a small scale, it's perfectly lovely in every way!

Michelle said...

Wow, that is so tiny! I have enough trouble paper piecing regular sized blocks.

Katelyn Vawter said...

Wow. I am super impressed. The pin cushion is cool and tiny. I love it.
- Katelyn @ Sing While Crafting

Jeanice Shelley said...

This is amazing!

Jeanice Shelley said...

This is amazing!

Julie Mylander said...

Wow! Truly amazing! Beautiful job!

Amira@littlemushroomcap said...

super cute... those tiny pieces must be a pain... but what a great way to use tiny scraps!

Kathy@KayakQuilting said...

Yikes! That is gorgeous and amazing!

Handmade Whimzy said...

I love this and I love paper piecing so I'll have to try it.

Shauna said...

So cute! I love paper piecing but not sure I would have the patience to do something that small. Lovely finish!

earlymorningquilter said...

I am going to have to make a pincushion for the A2MQG swap, so I get a chance to win this one.

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