Friday, August 01, 2014

Churn Dash Block

I belong to the AAMQG and we were supposed to make a churn dash block (or several) 
and bring to our meeting on Wed night.  
We will pool them all together and if you brought a block you will get a chance to win them all.  
If you bring more than one you get more than one chance.  

I whipped one up quite quickly with fabrics I happened to have out. 
 I do mean quickly, probably with cutting, less than 10 minutes!  
I like how it turned out. 
 I used the tutorial found here, by A Quilting Life.  
I just may have to add this to things I need to make. 
 Sigh, why does that list never end??

Happy Sewing!


4 comments: said...

I agree something about a churn dash quilt is just homey feeling. Sweet block.

Lynda said...

there is an even quicker way to make a churn dash block from two 10" squares - once you do one of those, you will make that quilt in a second!

margaret said...

can just picture the quilt with all the blocks made by different people, it will certainly have plenty of different fabrics in it. I like the fabric you have used.Best of luck hope you win them all.

Ann said...

I was coming back from West side of the state and missed the meeting - who won all the blocks?

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