Monday, March 09, 2015

Jungle Jim's - The Adventure Begins

We did make a few stops on the way home from Florida. 
 We spent the night in Lexington then got up and made our way north.  
First pitstop was Jungle Jim's.  
I can't stress enough how much I really didn't want to go to a roadside safari place. 
 Boy was I mistaken! 
 It's a ginormous grocery store.  Imagine 5 or 6 Sam's Clubs or Costco's all in one store. 
 I understand that we went to the smaller of the 2 also.  I can't imagine.  
We spent over 2 hours in there and could have spent more but we were on data overload!  
Sorry for the crappy pic but it was so sunny it was difficult to get a good shot.
See that monorail up there? Well at the other store it actually works to get you around the store!

They have an international section that is as large as my regular grocery store.  
There were two whole shelves of these prayer candles.  

I almost picked up this love one for my daughter.  Maybe I should have gotten one for my son too!

Then there was this. 
 Another grocery shop sized area full of nothing but hot sauces, rubs, salsas and BBQ sauces!

I took pics of some of the ones we found amusing.  

Notice the butt in the one on the right.

Could not stop laughing!

Those "fish" on the far right were Skates.  I have never seen Skates this far north. 
 You know how most grocery stores have a live lobster tank?  
Well this store had that but also one with live Catfish, Bass and one other one I can't remember. 
 I didn't take a picture though.

Or perhaps Octopus is more to your liking?  Look at the size of those "shrimp" on the right!!

They also had this freezer full of weird (to me) meat.  Camel, Python, Ostrich, you name it and they seemed to have it here.

Now what store is complete without a carnival fun mirror? 
 Hubby could not resist us taking our picture in front of this one in the candy section 
(which in and of itself was an experience!)

Does this mirror make my look fat?  ROFLOL

 Next up my trip to the Fabric Shack in Waynesville, OH



Karen said...

Jungle Jim's is awesome. Fabric Shack is as well, but they don't have their full inventory on display. I still like them because of their in person collection of precuts.

Rosa said...

Awesome shop. Happy shopping.Enjoy!,

dianne said...

WHAT kind of hot sauce?!?

ha ha ha!!!

dianne said...

WHAT kind of hot sauce?!?

ha ha ha!!! said...

A destination grocery type store. Looks like it was fun.

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