Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I am working like mad to get my Tula Pink Mini Quilt ready to send out for my swap partner.

I finally had some time to do the quilting on it and now just need to do the binding. 
 I can't show the front as I want it to be a surprise for my partner.  
I will show a little about how I did the quilting though for anyone that might be interested. 
 I decided to do concentric circles. 
 I love how this looks when done and the quilt is small enough that 
I thought I could manage this myself.   
I used a circle from the Perfect Circle set (the bigger one) to do the first circle.  
I used a purple disappearing marking pen to make the first circle.  
I took the picture when the pen still showed up.

This is part of the way finished, from the back.  
I used my walking foot to guide the quilting lines as I went along.  
I also used Superior Threads Monofilament thread to do the quilting. 
 I didn't want to use a dark gray over the light squares on the front and 
I didn't want to use a light color on the dark gray. 
 My lines are not perfect so let's not accent that = )

I also decided to just quilt over the label so I didn't have to sew it on.  
I hate sewing on labels!  
I used some Elmer's School Glue on the back of the label, placed the label where I wanted it on the back of the quilt and then  heat dried it with my iron.  
Once I knew it was in place 
I was able to keep quilting on the front and quilt the label right into the quilt!

After I finished I decided that froggy needed additional quilting. 
 I took out a few more of the Perfect Circles and drew in those lines. 
 It was too difficult to guide those small circles without lines.  
You can see the purple lines if you look closely.  I like it MUCH more with the additional quilting!

Next up was the binding.  I cut this print on the bias just because I like how it looks. 
 I managed to get it attached and there it is.  
I just have to turn and sew it down and it will be all ready to go in the mail.  
I sure hope my partner likes it.  
I really love how it came out and will share with you all once it has been received.  

I hope this helps someone give circular quilting a try. 
 It is kind of fun and pretty easy on smaller things.  
I'm not sure how I would feel about doing a big quilt on my domestic machine though.

I will be linking up to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday.

Have a stitchy kind of day!



Judy in Michigan said...

How did you start and stop each circle? Did you have to bury threads? Love the look!

Maggie said...

The extra quilting on the frog looks great!! said...

Gorgeous. Love your circles and I think the frog is fabulous.

Amy said...

Looks beautiful and thanks for the walk-through! Reminds me of hypno-toad :)

the zen quilter said...

Really cute and I LOVE your circles! Great job on them, they are practically perfect!

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