Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Update

I was fairly productive this past weekend. 
I managed to finish another block for the wedding quilt.

Of course my helper was back again.  Pest.

She needed to be closer of course as sitting on the back of the table was not good enough!

Do you remember the aqua rolling cart hubby put together for me?  
The one I got at IKEA?
Well, I had the brilliant idea to place my table top ironing board on top of it! 
 Now I can cut on my table and have the ironing board right next to me too (Can you say #lazy?)  
It worked like a charm!

I made some progress on the dress for my daughter.  
I took it all apart, did the alterations, and altered the pattern for next time 
(yes you read that correctly).  
I also got the bodice lined and the skirt part sewn back together.  
I have the bodice pinned to the skirt all ready to sew together too.  
No pictures though as it was dark when I got finished.

I also made some of the Weight Watcher Cabbage Soup that is zero points. 
 I love that soup.  
It sure makes a nice lunch for the week 
and keeps my points low!  
Win-win, right?  
So far I have lost almost 10 pounds in 4 weeks.  
I plan to go for the big loss this time, 
so kind thoughts and positive energy this way would be appreciated!

I managed to get the quilting finished on my mini quilt this weekend too, 
but will save those pictures for tomorrow. 
 I have one last block to make and then I can lay out the wedding quilt.  
I hope to be able to put that whole top together next weekend.  
I will only let myself work on that on the weekend if I can get the dress finished first. 
 That has a more emergent deadline.

What are you working on?



CA Bobbie said...

Holding good thoughts for the big loss for both of us this time. I'm intrigued by the "no points Cabbage Soup" you show a pic of. I tried to find it on their web site but no luck. Can u send me the recipe u use? Thanks

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