Monday, March 09, 2015

Last Of The Vacation

I will finish talking about the vacation and 
I thought I would share with you the fabric I purchased while on the trip down.

We stopped at 2 quilt shops on the way down. 
 I don't remember the name of the one I bought the purple and grays at but 
the other one was in Wytheville.  

How do I remember that town.  This, I remember it from this office supply shop.  Hilarious!

We did go to a hot sauce shop in St Armand's circle.  My daughter loves really hot things. 
 We found these hilarious hot sauces.

Once were were in Sarasota there is a quilt shop quite close to my in-laws place.
 It is called the Cotton Patch Quilt Shop.  
 I took my MIL there and found some great Tula and some Bonnie and Camille fabrics.
Love this purple and blue for binding!

Day Sail 

A Little Salt Water.

Livin' the Salt life (tee hee)

I used some of the B & C already to send off for the charm swap I am in.  
Those went out in the mail today!

Next up our trip to Jungle Jim's.  (I thought it was a tacky roadside safari deal, but NO, it is a GIGANTIC grocery experience!)

More later!


Michele T said...

Thanks for sharing some pictures of your trip... I had a chuckle!! Nice haul with the fabrics... you picked up some yummy pieces!!

dianne said...

ooo!!! those purples are purty!

and the sauces give a whole new meaning to "That really burns my a$$" ... i, for one, HATE hot sauce (and the reason is clearly stated in the previous sentence) ... ha ha ha!!! said...

I would have had to take a picture of the office shop too. Great fabrics. My dad used to like hot sauces, but he now gets terrible heartburn so doesn't eat it as often.

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