Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Improvising Traditions and Autumn

Our collaborative quilt using the Improvising Traditions book has returned from the quilter.  
I had to square up the quilt, make the binding and then I sewed on.  
Now I need to turn it and hand sew it down. 
WIP that I hope to get the binding finished on soon so it can be gifted!
 As per usual my "helper" kitty was there.  

I hope the new owners find it as comfortable as Autumn does!

I love the organic line quilting that Kathy did on this one!

Not sure how I am going to get her off this quilt.



Kat said...

Cute! I love your kitty.

margaret said...

very nice and so near;y finished that is if Autumn lets you she is certainly very comfortable. said...

Glad you had a quilt inspector helper. She is a cutie.

Michele said...

It needed its snugglability test first. :)

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