Thursday, August 06, 2015

Thankful Thursday, Bee Positive Edition

I only have a minute but I wanted to thank all of my friends, both my IRL friends and my blog/IG friends for all the fabulous blocks you have sent for my Bee Positive quilt! 

 I have been posting these on IG and thanking folks there but realize that many of you are not on IG!  So I will post what I have received so far.  Hopefully you will recognize your blocks!

So here we go:  

Thank you Tracey

Thank you Ginny and Sherrill

Thanks Karen and Ginia

Thank you Kim

Thank you Amanda

Thanks Vicky

Thank you Stephanie

Thank you Susan

Thanks Dianne

Thank you Deborah

Thank you Judy

Thanks Jenny

Thank you to all the lovely women who have sent blocks my way!
I appreciate it so much and hope to be able to get this laid out over the weekend.
I know there are a few more blocks on the way so hope to have them all by then.

If I end up with more than I can use for this quilt I will use the rest to make a quilt for 
the NICU at Mott Children's Hospital, I hope everyone is good with that.

I want to use flannel on the back for added warmth.
I think there would be great for a baby too!

I hope that I have not left anyone out.
I have been trying to photograph the blocks and put them on IG as they arrive.
This was my goal, so I could keep track, but best laid plans and all that.

I am fairly certain this is all of them though and I am so excited to begin to play with them.

Have a wonderful day and thanks again.
You all really are the BEST friends a girl could ask for!



Judy in Michigan said...

I see my blocks and all the rest of the many cool blocks - you will have a nice size quilt or 2!!

Michele T said...

My blocks are on their way to you.. Due to our holiday Monday, and that our mail truck leaves early in the morning, they didn't head your way until Wednesday. If they don't make it for your friend's quilt, I'd love that you use them for a baby quilt (great idea!).

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