Wednesday, August 05, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of someone that is like a daughter to me.  
Her mom and I used to call her and my daughter "The Babies".  
Now she is all grown up and married!

Mary and Eddie

She was a beautiful bride!

Mary and her Daddy

Her brother did a reading

Saying heir vows

You may kiss the bride!!!

The reception was held at Waldenwoods and the venue was BEAUTIFUL!

Just as beautiful inside too!

 Now on to the WIP part of this adventure!  
I consented to make a quilt, with a little help from a friend
 (you know who you are and since it is a surprise for Mary we are not telling)

I got the HST squares all cut out.  Gray with a splash of purple and white.  
The pattern is Round and Round by Thimbleblossoms.  
There was a LOT of cutting for all the negative space in this one.

It used the Missouri Star way to make the HST and boy was this easy!  
Basically you put two squares RST and sew 1/4" around the outer edges.  
Make 2 diagonal cuts and end up with 4 HST blocks!
Then I trimmed them down to the correct size for this pattern.

Whew, all trimmed up!

Block one is finished.  I think it finishes at about 25"!!!  These are giant blocks.

The Sebastian (aka creepy cat) star is my favorite!

I managed to make a second one too.  Woo, just 2 more for me to make.

When I made the other wedding quilt from gray and purple and white, it came out so overwhelmingly purple that I didn't want this one to look quite so purple.  
I adjusted by using mostly grays with just one purple and one white star in each block. 
 I will vary the placement of those so that they are not in the same spot for each block too. 
 I am hoping this tones down the purpleness of the quilt.
I am thinking that I may use purple for a thin border between more of the background gray and possible for the binding, but we will see how that looks once the blocks are finished.

The Moda Bella Zen gray that I used for the background is awesome!!!
It is the perfect gray.
Not too brown or blue, just right.

So there you go, my most recent WIP.
Linking up to Lee's WIP Wednesday post.

What are you working on?



Bettina Groh said...

I like your blocks... if you ever get down this way, a trip to Hamilton, Mo and the Missouri Star Quilt stores are well worth a look see!! Missouri Star Quilts has bought most of the old stores in town and are busily renovating them. They have also built buildings for shipping etc. Some store fronts have been rented out for a bakery, cafe, restaurant etc. This town is the birthplace of J. C. Penney !! When my sister-in-law was visiting from South Carolina we made a trip up to Hamilton. It is about 45 minutes North from Kansas City.

Judy in Michigan said...

Beautiful block and beautiful choice of fabrics - you find the BEST fabric!!

Judy in Michigan said...

Regarding the Missouri Star method for hst, we have been discussing this method for weeks in my local is working with the bias edges? I know that you can stretch them a bit to fit, but how about the quilt lying flat? any ripples?? It sure doesn't look like it in your pictures. Did you starch?? Thanks.

margaret said...

I am rather liking this big block, another to add to m list of to dos.

Such a beautiful and regal bride.

Managed to pick up the quilting magazine with your pink cat in the other day a lovely wall hanging you have designed.

Sel said...

The wedding looks lovely - so glad your friend had a good day for it and family/loved ones all around her.

I've eyed the Round And Round pattern several times in the shop but not yet bought it. I do love seeing what other people do with it, though!

Never tried Missouri Star method of making HSTs, but given how much grief HSTs usually give me, I think I might have to try this. Faster piecing? YES, PLEASE.

Santee Bobbie said...

Just love it and your blog. Bobbie

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