Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Wedding Weekend

My niece got married this past weekend.  
It was a beautiful day and she was radiant! 
 I don't have very many photos of her but thought this one was nice of her and her daddy.

I was very entertained by all the little people that were at the wedding.  
There are 4 littles that belong to one of my other nieces.  
Adorable too.  
This little one loved my husband so much!

This is her brother.

Just look at that face!  I love her she is so hilarious and quirky!!

You can see the baby sister in this photo too, being held by her mom. 
 Their grandma is in the white sweater, another niece in the wedding and
 my husband's aunt on the end.  Look at the pure joy on that little girl's face!

We also got to see my husband's aunt and uncle that we seldom get to see and
 it was so nice catching up with them!

More littles.  This one is always happy and smiling!  

Baby with grandma and Uncle James.

Grandma with Jame's daughter.

My son (blue shirt) and his cousin love to hang out together.

They love it even more when they can annoy their Aunt = )

The tables were beautiful!  I even got our name cards!  Happy accident.

I was finally able to gift the quilt. 
 I will share more of that later this week. 
 Here it is all wrapped (with the matching pillowcases) and ready to gift!

Such a fun time!  Congratulations Ashley and Christopher!  We wish you every happiness.



Anna said...

I love going to weddings! The littles are all adorable and I LOVE how you wrapped the quilt up...I am going to remember that one!

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Love weddings with lots of family and kids. The bride is gorgeous.

margaret said...

can see it was a wonderful wedding and so good to get together with those you do not get to see often

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Beautiful quilt, lovely wedding and gorgeous bride; thanks for sharing all the joyous festivities!

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