Monday, August 10, 2015

Bee Blocks

I kicked off the weekend with dinner out with my son.  
He actually texted me to see if I wanted to go out for dinner.  
How nice right?

I am still waiting for a few more cross blocks for my Bee Positive quilt.  
I decided that I would take time to actually do some cleaning around my house before my husband returned home from his week long adventure to Canada.  
I spent all day on Saturday cleaning!  UGH, but doesn't it feel so good when everything is clean? 
 He arrived home in the evening so no sewing for me on Saturday at all.

Sunday was my middle daughter's birthday.  
I wish we could have been with her to celebrate but sometimes that is just not in the cards.  
She is such a wonderful person and we are so very proud of her!  

I also decided that since I am still waiting for a few more blocks, 
I would get my other August commitments out of the way. 
That meant getting my bee blocks done and working on the Round and Round quilt blocks. 

 I got my August Bee blocks finished and ready to put in the mail.  
They are from a pattern on the Modern Quilt Guild's site 
so if you are a member you can find the pattern here
 The quilt is called Use Your Illusion and is by Cheryl Brickey.

This is my round and Round progress. 
 For some reason this block just went together with so much difficulty! 
 I can't even tell you how many times I ripped it apart!  
I have all the rows for the last block (that I have to make) 
finished so hope to sew them into a block tonight!  
Progress is being made!!!  

The secret wedding quilt is ready for pick up at the quilters today.  I can't wait to see it. 
 None of us can remember what happened to the binding so (and I didn't tell anyone) 
I am going to just remake it from the cut offs of the edges of the backing of the quilt when I get it. 
 I think I remember what we did so will do my best to recreate it.  
I just want it DONE!  
Done is better than perfect right? 

So that was my weekend.  What did you do?  Anything fun?



margaret said...

so agree if mine had to be done perfect nothing would ever be finished!
I do like the use your illusion pattern, I have just signed up to do the midnight mystery quilt with Cheryl but struggling on deciding which fabric to use.Your round and round looks good lots of half square triangle there, i tried to buy the bloc loc for HSQs at the quilt show but they had sold out by lunch time on the second day and cannot by here in UK except at the show so will have to wait till next year! It looks so much easier to suare up with the right tools

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