Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday Bee Positive 2 Addition

I may have been away but the normal day to day quilting never stops does it?  
I have been working furiously on the plus quilt for our priest.  
I can't remember if I have shown the top but here it is again.

I really must thank everyone that contributed to this beauty. 
I love this quilt so much and I hope Father Cooper will too!

Last Sunday when I got home from Glamp, I decided to begin working on the back of this + quilt. 
 I had designed a pieced back with all of the math done.  
I wanted to put some crosses on the back.  
At first I thought they would be green on the gray background, but the more I let that stew
 the more I wanted something more.  
I finally settled on "making" some green fabric, improv style. 
 I then cut the fabric into the sizes I needed to build a cross that would fit the dimensions I needed.  You can see some of the arms of the cross in the photo below.
(and the giant mess I made with all my green scraps!)

This was my view as I was trying to sew.  
What is it with cats making whatever they are sleeping on look like it is the 
most comfortable place on Earth??

Eventually she just gave up and was just sitting like this sleeping!
Oh Autumn!  
I'm pretty sure she was just happy I was home.

When I walked in the house she came to the door and was meowing at me.
She went up the stairs and turned around meowing more, so I followed her up.
She ran to my sewing room door (it is kept closed) and looked back at me as if to say,
"Come on mom, time to sew".
I think she loves this room as much as I do!

 It was night time and so difficult to get a photo. 
 My sewing table is small so I will show the back in two sections. 
 This first pic is of the  top left and center of the back.  
There are 2 signature panels I had to work in to the back.

  There is also a label that I embroidered which I put in the middle of the back. 
 I really do not like sewing on labels after the quilt is finished 
so have been trying to incorporate them into the back.  
That way it is labeled and no additional sewing!

This is the lower right with the other signature panel in place. 
 I am super happy about how the pieced crosses turned out. 
 They took quite a bit of time but I could not be more thrilled with how they look. 
 This pieced back sure took me a long time with all of the math, but I love it.  
I feel this is just what this back needed to be.

I am linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

What are you working on right now?



Judy in Michigan said...

Wow Pam, the back is beautiful. The crosses and off-white fabric create a vestment for Father Cooper. Your label brought tears to my eyes "...a quilt to cover Father Cooper with love and prayers..." Just beautiful!!! said...

Your back turned out gorgeous. I am sure it is going to be a cherished gift.

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