Wednesday, November 04, 2015

WIP Wednesday

Life seems to be moving at an exceptionally fast pace lately.  
I am feeling a little overwhelmed.  
My eldest daughter just told us that she is engaged.  
They are planning on an October 29th wedding next year. 
 Just immediate family for the wedding and a small reception, Halloween themed.  
Now I love Halloween as much as the next person, actually, probably more, 
but for a wedding reception?  
I am still trying to figure out how I feel about it.  
My hubby is not very happy with the whole Halloween theme thing. 
 I keep saying "It's her wedding, she should do what she wants" 
but sometimes it is not easy to keep that perspective.  

So let's see, my other daughter's best friend is getting married in February (quilt number 1). 
 My nephew and Godson is getting married in August (quilt number 2).  
My daughter is getting married in October (shower planning, wedding planning and quilt number 3).  Not to mention at least 2 babies being born next year too! 
(Not from any of these guys). 
 Plus, you know, the things I want to make just because I want to and also life. 
 I know, I know, I don't *have to* make quilts but I want to 
for reasons too varied to get into here and now.  
OK enough crying, putting on my big girl panties and moving forward.  
On to WIP Wednesday.

I have begun to receive some quilt squares for the Bee Positive 2 quilt.  I want to thank those that I have received so far (and have photos of, Debra, I still need to take pics of yours)

First up are the blocks I received from my friend, Barb.  
She used stash from her mom so thank you BOTH!

These two came from a friend on Instagram, Darci.  I love that AGF triangle gray fabric so much!

I also received these beauties from Debra

I have a bunch of the blocks up on the design wall now so things are progressing.

I got the wedding quilt back and had to make binding so I took out my fabric to do that.
I left the room for a few and BAM!
The "helper" showed up.
Sleeping on the job as usual, pffft.

Binding did get made though and the quilt is all trimmed waiting for me to find time to attach it.

As I had to move my helper off the binding she found another place to sleep.
Apparently there was too much light in my scrap bin as she had to cover her eyes!

I am linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

Have a good night!



Andrea @ Mouse in My Pocket said...

How cute! I wish my cat would sleep in the fabric bins. Instead she wants to walk all over whatever project I happen to be working on at the time.

RobinLovesQuilting said...

1) Kitty! 2) That does sound like a lot of life changes in a short amount of time, I can see why you're feeling thrown. But some of my friends did a Halloween wedding and it was fun and family oriented; plus it saved a lot of money since Halloween decorations are inexpensive, inherently color-coordinated, and easy to get around that time. Just google "Halloween Themed Wedding," hit "images" and you'll get lots of pretty cool pictures. And.. I hear you on so many quilts to do! I'm the mom of two little ones, so I've actually had to switch to baby clothes just to keep up with everything!

Jennifer said...

Wow!!! Lots of quilts and weddings in your future. Kids, let her go with Halloween theme and hope all the family members will understand. said...

Lots of stuff going on. Halloween themed wedding, may be fun. It is hard to let them do their own thing though. Your blocks are looking great.

Shasta Matova said...

Wow that is a lot of quilts to make in a short amount of time. You can consider making smaller quilts - lap and wall instead of bed quilts, and also use simpler patterns. If you make them with similar bases (nine patch for example), you should be able to get them strip pieced and assembly line sewn pretty quickly.

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