Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sewing Machine Heaven

I was fortunate enough to get to visit David (aka Fred Sanford) at his warehouse
 in Munith, Michigan this past weekend. 
 It was a beautiful fall day and I needed to get three vintage sewing machines out of my house. 
 I had inherited one from a friend that was a Montgomery Ward machine. 
 I had no experience with this brand so that was the first to go.  
I had 2 more that I had picked up for relatively cheap.  
One at the Salvation Army and one at a bird swap (don't ask).

This one was a beauty but was missing the bobbin case and had a few chips on the paint.  
Cabinet was in great shape too.

This one is the one I got at the bird swap.  
She was sitting in the grass just begging someone to take her home.  
I haggled with the guy and bought her for $12!

What I was really after was a new cabinet to put my 185J into.  
Since it is a 3/4 size machine most of the vintage cabinets won't fit her. 
 Off we went to see David with all three machines loaded into my Civic.

When we walked into his place it was cabinets as far as we could see!  
The second room looked like this

For perspective this is me standing in the sea of machines!

I managed to go home with a cabinet for my 185J, a new spool pin and felt and the manual. 
 PLUS, I cleared out three machines for someone else to love.  

He had this little beauty there but not for sale.  Awwwww JAMIT, now I want one of these!

Hubby wanted to stop in Chelsea and on our way there was a beautiful rainbow.  

Stopped off in Chelsea MI, home of Jiffy mix.

Picked up some new mittens and are they ever nice!

We stopped off at the Chelsea Alehouse where I got a Lost Lenore beer. 
 It was so good we bought a growler to take home!

I worked furiously on finishing some binding 
(sorry Ellen, but I had to do something while watching the game). 
 I had a little help.

I also received some more blocks for the Bee Positive 2 quilt over the weekend. 
 It was now time to get that baby made into a top!

How was your weekend?



VickiT said...

Oh my gosh, look at all those machines. Are those all for sale? I was really hoping when I looked that city up that it would be wayyyyyyyy up near the top of the state, but nope, darnit! That city is right along the way, with a slight detour, when we drive over to visit my son at law school. That's far too tempting. LOL

Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Wow that is a lot of machines. What does he do with them all?

margaret said...

what an amazing warehouse for anyone wanting an old machine. Good that you got fixed up with a cabinet for yours. I have a horn cabinet but it was upstairs but on monday the fire brigade came to replace my smoke alarms and they kindly carried it downstairs for me, must put my machine in as I am hoping it wil make quilting a bit easier as it will be a flat service.

Michele said...

Oh I could have a ball looking at those and finding one to bring home.

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