Monday, March 07, 2016

My Weekend

My weekend was full.  
Full of happy mail and time spent with an old friend. 
 Full of laundry and cleaning cat boxes.  
Full of spending time with my hubby and hanging out in my sewing room. 
 How about you?  Was your weekend full?

First up happy mail.  I have the BEST friends!  
My friend, Vicky sent me this adorable stationary and post it note package.

My friend Judy in Michigan sent me one long strip of the 1.5" wide pieces that I plan on using for my gigantic strip quilt.  
You can see what she did and if anyone else is interested in helping me out, I would be thrilled!  
It introduces variety into my quilt that I don't get from using just my own pieces.
Thanks Judy!!!

I also won a giveaway on Instagram and got some Aurifil thread.  SWEET!!!

I am in a Kitten mini quilt swap and 
I had to work furiously on getting my mini quilt put together and quilted. 
 I am not sure my partner reads my blog but just in case, I can't show it here.
  I was pretty proud of the adorable cat face I quilted into the negative space though.

I have picked up a few things for "extras" and one of my favorite things is this orange kitty cookie.

I also had some help with all the quilting. 
 This is the view from me looking over the top of my machine.

And my view as I was trying to sew.  I keep having to push her out the backside!

Apparently I forgot to mention my weekend was also full of a CAT!

I did manage to get my entire swap quilt all quilted.  
Next up is to trim and bind it.  
Then on to making an extra to send with it (a requirement). 
 I am trying to decide between a pincushion or a pouch.
  I finally found a pouch pattern that looks like I could make it so I may have to go for it. 
Stay tuned to see if I attempt it!  



KaHolly said...

My goodness, you did have a busy weekend., I have litter box duty, too!

Judy in Michigan said...

Your very welcome Pam. I have more from trimming today so I'll start collecting. Very nice weekend you had.

Judy in Michigan said...

Oops - grammar police - You're very welcome!! said...

Your kitty gifts look adorable, can't wait until the "big reveal" of what you made for your swap partner. Great win! Aurifil is always nice. I have a strip for you also. Can you send me your address so that I can get it to you?

Anna said...

I love that your kitty companion loves your quilting!

Lesley Gilbert said...

I think your cat likes the humming of your machine and the warmth it gives off :)

joycita said...

I just picked up a copy of YOUR magazine along with a few groceries. Can't wait to browse thru it and make your quilt. So cute!

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