Friday, March 04, 2016

The Long Road Home

After we left Florida, we traveled on to Tennessee.  
We spent the night at a hotel that had a great view.  
Fortuitously, it was on the front side of the I75 road closure.  
We found that I-75 was closed due to a rock slide.  
It had to be pretty major as it closed BOTH sides of the highway!

The road closure necessitated a detour, that ended up being the best part of the road trip!
The scenery was just fantastic!  It took us longer but it was worth it.

Following a river and VERY twisty roads. 
 Poor hubby couldn't see as much as I could as he was trying to remain on the road.  
Some of the photos are not the best as they were while we were moving and 
also through the car window, but you get the idea.

Look at the color of this river!

I couldn't get a good photo of the BIG rock faces and this was a smaller one, but you can see that the road was literally carved out of this mountain.

So pretty as the sun peeked around the mountains over the river.

We had determined to stop at Jungle Jims
 I can't even begin to tell you what this place is like.  
Imagine your largest grocery store and at least triple it!  
It is HUGE.  
There are two and they are in Cincinnati.  
Just check out their website and you will see what I mean.  

I was totally fascinated by these ginormous shrimp!  
They were as thick as my forearm!!! 
 And next to them are sea urchins.  

After spending a couple of hours in here we traveled to Wayensville Ohio to go to the Fabric Shack.
If you are there you should stop in this town.
In addition to the fabric shop there were lots of antique shops.
This is the stack of fabrics I bought there.
I could have done sooooooo much more damage though.

One of the antique shops that reclaims old building parts and such had this great thread chest.  
I would have loved to have taken this baby home with me.  

The part about stopping in the town was seeing this Singer Featherweight #68 cabinet in person!
This is a very rare cabinet built to house Featherweight machines.
They are very scarce and command an extremely high price.  This one was no exception.
It has a lift mechanism inside of it and the oval you see to the left in the photo goes over the top to make the whole thing into a table.  

This website has a little history on the cabinet if you are interested.

This website has plans/kits to build your own.

So this concludes our trip.  
I hope you have enjoyed our travels and will stop back once I'm posting about my regular life again.

Have a great weekend!!



Charlene S said...

Thank you for sharing those pictures. said...

Beautiful pictures of your trip. Even though unexpected what a cool detour. I see peacock fabric which is marvelous looking.

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