Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Vacation Continues

After I met my friend Nicole, we ended up going to visit an orange grove! 
 Mixon's Orange Grove.  
I was on a quest for some Honey Bell oranges 
(and you would be too if you tried them!)

They had this hilarious wind bottle holder there. 
 I might need to search this out on the internet for my daughter.  

We drove to Anna Maria Island for lunch at City Pier.  
This was the view from our table.  
There were people sitting at that table so we got seated where we were and then the table opened up.  Figures right?

I ordered a Caeser salad with shrimp and it was amazing!

Our waitress was kind enough to take our picture.  
Don't I have a handsome date??
As you can see by the sweatshirt and the fleece, it was not particularly warm!  
Sunny and beautiful, but not too warm.

A wonderful bird is a Pelican
His beak can hold more than his bellican!

Beautiful view of City Pier

The last day, Friday, we went to Coquina beach. 
 It was around 60 and VERY windy!  
We had sweatshirts and long pants on!!

It sure was beautiful though.

An underrated beach for sure.

Loads of shells in certain spots on this beach. 
Found some of the Coquina shells that this beach is famous for too.

Love the lifeguard stands

Bye-bye Florida.  We leave for Michigan tomorrow (Saturday).

The next post will have the tail end of our vacation.  
We spent the night in Tennessee and traveled from from there on Sunday.



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Beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing.

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