Monday, March 21, 2016

Quilt Retreat Weekend

This past weekend was AWESOME!  
I got to spend an entire weekend with my DAM girls and my SIL at a quilt retreat. 
 We went to Creative Passions 3 in Chesaning MI.  The venue was so nice!  
There was a quilt shop about a block away too.  
We drove to another one in Carson City and they called me a little while ago and 
I won a $20 gift certificate from them!!!

My SIL and I have been trying to find some time to hang out together and quilt. 
 This was absolutely perfect!

The first night we went out for dinner we found ourselves at the corner of Lincoln and Broad.
Clearly we found this hilarious (My last name and her maiden name are Lincoln)

I see I look gigantic in this photo but I had a fleece sweater on under my coat.

We worked hard and we played hard.  There was a really nice quilt shop about a block away. 
 Of course we had to visit that shop too. 
 It was called the Silver Thimble.  
The owner's mom was running things as the owner was out recovering from surgery. 
 She was a riot!

They had the cutest quilt kits with Gabby and Friends.  
One was a quilt kit and one was a jammies kit.  I
f you have not seen these books you should look for them.  
There is a doll and bear too.

Seven Sisters quilt in Carson City was nice also.  
Since it was national Quilt Day, there were discounts!  
YAY for sales!!!  

There was also a tea being held in the classroom building out back.  
This wonderful man, Paul, had his barn art on display and for sale.  
Pretty reasonable prices too.

I loved this one the most.  It was about 18" x 18".  I would do different colors though.

Lest you think all I did was shop, I did manage to get this Splendid Sampler block finished.

I also got all of the HST blocks for the wedding quilt made, and trimmed!  
There was no design wall 
(actually there was but we didn't find out until we were getting ready to leave on Sunday), 
so I figured I could play with the blocks at home.

 I finished 2 more things but will show you those on Friday 
so I can sign up with all the finish it up websites.

How was your weekend?  
It was really difficult to be back to work today!



KaHolly said...

Glad you had such a good time!

Linda said...

Thanks for the heads up about the books. I will have to find them for my 2 year old granddaughter. She loves to play with fabric scraps.

Judy in Michigan said...

Glad you had a fun time - the street signs really cracked me up - Broad Street??? LOL And you got your wedding quilt started - good for you! said...

The Lincoln broads together? Looks like a good time.

sophie said...

Sounds like a wonderful retreat ... is it wrong that I also find the photo of then"Linciln Broad" hilarious?

Ioleen said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend and time with your sister. Love the street sign and I also had a laugh or two.

Anna said...

Love when street signs have s message lol. The Barn squares are awesome!

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