Monday, December 12, 2016

A Little Trip

On Friday I went with my SIL and my husband to visit Shipshewana.  
If you have followed me at all you know that this is one of our favorite places to visit.  
I was hoping to pick up some Christmas fabric that I needed to finish the stockings I wanted to make.  We went to Lolly's and Yoders and NO luck!  Can you believe that??  
How are both shops about not to have what I need??  I
 chose the North Wood line by Kate Spain for the stockings.  
I am TOTALLY in love with this line of fabric.  My especial favorites are these two prints.

My heritage is Scandinavian and this line is so representative of that.
  I only took a couple of photos while we were in Shipshe.  
It was a cold overcast day and almost no one was there.  Perfect!  T
he only down side was that they don't make fry pies in the winter.  
WHAT???  No fry pies???  I was crushed.  

I did find these amazing fish chairs.  
Too bad the resin furniture is so expensive or this would have been my daughter's.

You can see how the sky looked on Friday.  Cool photo op though.

We started decorating the house on Saturday and on Sunday we got dumped on!  
This was my deck in the morning.

This was a peek into the back yard.

The view out the front door about 9pm.

This morning as I got on the bus to go to work, this was the parking lot.  We got about 10" last night.

So that catches you up on my doings.  
I did manage to make progress on the stockings 
but I can't show you until they are delivered to their new homes.  

How was your weekend?


2 comments: said...

Pretty fabric. Funny that they are out of the Christmas fabric already. I was luck the little boys shoveled porches and walkways, hubby plowed the driveways.

Ioleen said...

Nice fabric. Not much snow here but freezing temperatures. I wonder rather have the snow.

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