Friday, December 09, 2016

Aren't Friends the BEST?

I am sorry that I missed WIPs With Friends on Wednesday.
  I took the day off work. I was so sick! 
 I think I slept all but 4 hours of the day yesterday.  
I am better today, (read with cold dope on board) but wowsa did this cold knock me for a loop!!! 
 I hope to be back at it next week and I hope you will have stuff to share too.

I was showing a friend the Ghastlies fabric and I think I told you all I asked on IG if anyone could share the one wee peacock with me.  
One of my friends sent me an entire FQ!!!  Woo Hoo look at that bird!!!  
Can't wait to cut into this one!

I also met up with my friend Jackie one morning and she gave me this amazing Halloween fabric to use as I can in my Hallowedding quilt!  

She also brought me some Cat Nap scraps.  This is probably one of my all time favorite lines. 
 It is no longer in production.  It was by Lizzy House.  
Those cats...swoon!!!
Thank you so much my dear sweet friend!

I have begun collecting navy and indigo fabrics for the Ocean Waves QAL quilt too. 
 I'm not sure which ones will make the final cut but it's a good start.  

I am unsure if you have heard of Lularoe clothing but I am HOOKED!
They have the softest leggings ever.
I bought a Christmas pair (it has bunnies on it) 
and this dress (called a Carly) to wear with them.
(Sorry I look like such a goof ball.  I didn't know she was taking a pic of all of me!)

Closer up of the leggings.  So comfortable!  
My husband asked if everything had to be worn with leggings and I said YES! 
 I hardly ever wear jeans anymore now.  If you are not familiar you should be!

I am off to Shipshewana for the last visit of the season today with my hubby and his sister.
I will report back, most likely on Monday so have a great weekend everyone!!


4 comments: said...

Glad you are feeling better. Have fun in Shipshewana have a safe trip.

Ioleen Kimmel said...

Love the leggings.

Rosa said...

Glad you are better and the leggins are cool!

Gretchen Weaver said...

Glad you are feeling better, being that sick really sets a person back. Enjoy your visit to Shipshewana. Do you ever attend the Wana Night out sales? It is always the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. This year it was November 29th, next year it is November 28th. Yoder's had 20% off everything in the store from 3pm - 8pm, Lollie's was 20% off all day. Lots of sales in other stores too. You and your friends need to make this an annual trip too. Blessings, Gretchen

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