Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Tree Remembrances

I finally got the house decorations up and got the tree decorated!  
I have decided that I will put an ornament on the tree for each cat from our family 
that has crossed to the rainbow bridge.  
I thought I would share the latest two with you.

We lost Mosen in the fall of 2015.  He was a beautiful tuxedo cat. 
 He was the brother of Aiden and Autumn.  
I was able to train him to say "mama" when he wanted my attention.  
Oh my sweet, sweet boy, you are so very missed.

This is the ornament I bought to represent him.

We lost Aiden last March (2016).  
She was the sister of Autumn and Mosen.  
We called her Fatty McFatty and she was super sweet. 
 VERY much a talker and loved to lay next to me whenever I was sitting on the couch.  
I miss her sweet, purr infused voice.  We miss you too Aiden!

This is the ornament I bought in honor of her.

Since I don't have ornaments for some of my past cats, I decided a Day of the Dead cat could represent all of the cats that have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge.

I worked on another Christmas stocking too.  
I got all of the Christmas cards addressed and ready to send out. 
 I made some banana bread and did laundry.  
Hubby did all the snow blowing since we got a crap ton of snow on Friday night.  
Also my car got a flat tire and he had to deal with that today.

I leave you with a fun photo of Beep "bird watching".  
She will be over for Christmas as well as our dog Abbey and our nephew's dog, Segram. 
 It will be a house full of people and pets!

I hope all my friends are gearing up for a fantastic holiday season too!



beaquilter said...

cute ornaments and I love your banner here btw!

~Diana said...

Happy Christmastime wishes for you and yours :)

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