Thursday, December 01, 2016

Hallowedding Quilt Update

Yesterday, I was showing a friend what the Ghastlies fabric looked like. 
I Googled it and clicked on Images.  
I clicked on an image and guess what was in that frame??  You'll never guess!


Yep, right smack dab in the front!  Well, you know what I now need right?  
Some of the Ghastlie Holiday fabric.  I really just need a 3.5" square for one place in the quilt.  
I put the call out on Instagram asking if anyone had this fabric (in any of the color ways) and would be willing to send me a 3.5" square.  
(I didn't really need more than that).  
THREE people volunteered to help me!  
So now I have 2 of the 3.5" squares coming and one wonderful person is sending me an entire FQ!!!  Which is really cool as on the other side of the goal post looking thing is a cat that would be purrfect in another portion of the quilt! 
 Bwahahaha, my plan is coming together!

I made time to make this last spider web block last night. 
 I employed all the things I learned making the first one and STILL managed to screw up.  
The black web on the outside was supposed to be the center and 
the dots were supposed to be the outside.  
I need to mark the directions so if I ever make these again I will know which way to sew it together.  I am still happy with how it came out and the center matches exactly as it should on this one!

The last pieced block I need to make is the ring of coffins. 
 I hope to at least get the templates made tonight and maybe cut a few out. 
 I am not sure how long this one will take since there is some hand sewing involved.  
If I can get it to that point though I can hand stitch watching Christmas shows with my hubby.  

I need to get going on the decorating and those Christmas stockings (I have not forgotten, M)

Yay for progress!!

I am taking my kitty helper to the vet on Saturday.  
She has been eating and drinking like crazy (she is also 16 years old). 
 I think it may be Diabetes or Hyperthyroid.  
I am hoping the vet can take some blood and diagnose.  
Her brother left me last year in October and her sister this past March.  
DD1 has already told me that they both came to her 
and said they are just waiting for Autumn to join them = (

I am having a Lularoe Clothing party on Saturday too. 
 If anyone reading this lives locally message me and I will send you the address.  
Time is 2-4.  
If you know LLR and are interested in something in particular, if you send me your phone number I can text you photos of what is being sold.  

Alright, off to do some more work!

Have a lovely weekend.



Judy in Michigan said...

What is the largest size of LLR? I wear a 1X. It sounds like fun and my granddaughter is a big fan of LLR. Oh, and my niece too. email me or IM me please.

dianne said...

the ring of coffins would make a great peacock block (partial ring of coffins for the tail and a skeleton peacock body appliqued in front of the ring where the big circle is - like the NBC peacock) ...... poor little Autumn - but she does look like a happy kitty...

Ioleen Kimmel said...

Hurry and finish the hallowedding quilt because the suspense is killing me, lol. I sure hope Autumn will be alright. Prays for her.

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