Friday, February 09, 2018

Chubby Chick Quilt Progress

I have been working very hard to get all the blocks made for this quilt.  
I had everything all cut out from MANY years ago 
when I made one with the church group I was a part of.  
Theirs got finished, D'oh!

I had this entire quilt all cut out and the chicks were fused.  
I just realized last night that everything had to be cut down though.  
So after I sewed my HST it was time to trim them up.  The size they needed to be was 3.5".
I got out my trusty Bloc-Loc 3.5" ruler and had a trimming fest!  
That set of rulers was the BEST thing I ever invested in!  
Also, the turning mat.  
Such a help when trimming HST.

Of course the other indispensable helper thing is Hallie!  
She doesn't come in the sewing room as much now that the boys are around.  
Cole, especially, likes to tease her and she does NOT appreciate his efforts!  
Just like a boy, right? (or just like MY son, I guess). 
 So I carried her upstairs, put her on my table and closed the door.  
She settled in quite nicely!

After trimming all my HST units I decided that my chicks needed to have eyes.  

I Googled how to make a Colonial knot and decided to give it a try.  

I loved the eye placement on this chick.

I couldn't resist laying out a few with some of the pinwheels I finished.  This is going to be so darned cute!  The chicks can be made using charm squares.  Wouldn't this be darling made with a Bonnie and Camille charm pack and either aqua or red pinwheels?  I think little cat faces would be cute too.  Might need to design that!

So my WIPs are continuing to progress.  
I think having the goal chart with my friends is definitely helping motivate me.

Have a great weekend.
We are getting dumped on by a HUGE winter storm, so maybe I can stay in and sew?
That's my plan anyway, LOL.



Unknown said...

I love the pinwheels. Will make a pinwheel quilt after my current quilt is done.
Once it's done it will be my first ever to go to the quilter!

Cthompson said...

Hope you design the quilt with cat faces as mentioned. That would be cute!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the cute chicks!!

Gail said...

Love the Chubby Chick pattern. I had it for a few years, just not done it. I love seeing all you accomplish.

Angie said...

Awesome little Chickie's! So pretty!! said...

Cute chicks. I vote for stay in and snow. When the kids and I aren't out every couple of hours pushing snow, trying to keep ahead of it.

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