Monday, February 05, 2018

Quilty Goals For The Year and Month

I work with some wonderful women that I also sew with. 
 There are 3 of them.  
Usually, once a year we actually gather at one of the houses and sew together.  
Mostly we just talk about sewing and fabric throughout each day. 
 It's a nice perk of my work.  
We seem to often be talking about how we have so much we *want* to do and never seem to *actually* get all of those things done. 
 So THIS year I decided to make a google doc and have each of us put our yearly goals in it.  

Then I got to thinking that it would be even better to break it down by month.  
Plus the added bonus of getting to achieve smaller, more attainable things.  
So I put in February.  
We all had to list the things we want to try to do this month.  
We change the color on the font when we finish something on the list. 
 I will be linking this post up with the One Monthly Goal post over at Elm Street Quilts too.

Here is my list:

Put top together for one of these
JR QAL, strip quilt or Chubby Chicks
Bind and label Mermaid, Unicorn and T baby quilts
Sew 2 scrappy Triangle blocks
Bee Blocks for February
Sew 1 OW block

As you can see, I was able to finish my bee blocks for February and 
sew one more Ocean Waves block.  
We had to make flowers for our bee blocks.

This is block 19/36 of my Ocean Waves blocks.

So as you can also see I have put these in blue to denote that they are finished.

For my One Monthly Goal I am going to use the put the 
Jelly Roll/Strip/Chubby Chick quilt top together.  
Not all three, just one of the three.  
It kind of depends on which one I can put my hands on first, LOL. 
I am thinking that Chubby Chicks would be fun, since 
there seem to be so many babies around as of late.

I think the chicks are all finished.  I need to find the box and check.

So on to getting stuff done!
I am pretty competitive so this should be fun.
I did tell them there would be prizes, so one of them needs to win this month!

How do you handle being productive?



Patty said...

What a fun pattern! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Love the black. What a cute chickie pattern.

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