Monday, February 12, 2018

Crazy Weekend!

This was the first weekend in a LONG time that we didn't have some commitment. 
 It was HEAVEN!

Unfortunately, we got totally DUMPED on with snow!  
This is my deck. 
My hubby had some bins out on the deck and you can see how much snow we actually got. 
 It was over 12"!

The pile after blowing the driveway!

Our front yard.

Hubby was continually shoveling or snow blowing all weekend. 
 He did the neighbors houses that don't have a snowblower as there was such a large snow fall.  
At one point he called me out to see this gorgeous hawk in the trees behind our house.  
We back up to a woods and this one and her mate have been visiting a lot lately.  
I LOVE hawks. 
 They are my good luck animal, so I was happy to see her.  
He said the other bird was smaller which means this one was the female.

I woke up on Saturday with really bad vertigo.  
I stood up, took a step and literally crashed into the wall. 
 Everything was leaning left!  
Back to bed I went and laid on my other side to see if I could equalize out the fluid that must have been out of balance in my head.  

Eventually it got good enough I could be up and about.  
We were feeling so cooped up that we ended up going out to the store and to the thrift shop 
(my idea). 
 I LOVE thrift shopping.  
Always something I *need* to buy. 
 Like this Dragonware.  Isn't it beautiful?  
It is very delicate and the dragons are dimensional, not just flat painted on the cups and saucers. 
 I bought this for my dragon loving daughter.  

I also found this GREAT pair of leather, BOC boots.  
Now they were WAY more than I usually pay but I had a 35% off card so I got them pretty cheap.  Especially when you consider how much they would have been brand new.  
I love them.  
They are the softest leather.  I am totally smitten with these.  
There was a pair of BOC shoes too but I left them there since I have 2 very similar pair.  
I really wanted them though.  

On Sunday, Finn decided he needed a nap on my bed.  
He just passed right out, LOL.  
I covered him up with a quilt.  
My husband has to lay on his left side so Finn can lay in the crook of that arm and
 he must be covered up or he bites my husband until he complies!  
As I type this I realize that his left arm is the same one he insists on sleeping on 
when my hubby is sitting in his chair too.  
Funny Finny!

I spent a lot of time in my sewing room this weekend too.  
Cole was there helping.  
Because trying to quilt a white background quilt is so much easier with a black cat laying on it, right? 
 I moved him several times so I could work. 
 It is nice to have a cat back in my room though. 

 Hal comes in sometimes but I don't think she is feeling very well right now. 
 I am considering taking her to the vet soon if she doesn't turn things around. 
 She is just not acting herself.
I am giving her one more day and will re-evaluate.

How was your weekend?
Did you get snow too?



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Snow, birds,and most of all kitties, makes a great weekend.

Terry said...

Your cats are so sweet, especially little Finn. Nice finds at the thrift store!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love your photos - such a snow fall! haven't seen snow like that since we lived in the north over 35 years ago

Susie said...

That is definitely a lot of snow! Treacle, our Airedale, would love to be playing in it and we would not be able to get her in again!!! I love the kitties covered up asleep and helping you quilt, our fur babies make life worth living. Love the tea cups and the boots are just perfect. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Susie xx

CA Bobbie said...

My DIL also loves dragons- I've been trying to find some material with realistic dragons to make her something special.
I would have had to snap up those cups also

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