Wednesday, February 28, 2018

WIPs With Friends

I have been quite busy this past week!  
I have received several quilts back from my quilters.  
Yes plural! 
 I use three different people but this week just 2.  I have been binding like mad. 
 I did finish the mermaid binding but 
can't post that quilt as it is a gift that I have not been able to give just yet.  
The other binding on a quilt that is also finished I can't show just yet either. 
 That one is going in the mail today.
Maybe in a week or so I will be able to share it with all of you.  

What can I share you ask?  MORE binding!
I got the green quilt back and had this vintage picnic diagonal gingham to use for the binding.  
The yellow green was just perfect for the binding on this quilt!  
The pattern is a free one by Amanda Jean over at Crazy Mom Quilts.  
It is called Easy As Pie.  
It certainly is a great way to use up left over fabrics!  
I will make this quilt again. 
 I just cut left over FQ up into the rectangle sizes as I was making other projects. 
 That way I was: 
A-not storing cut into FQ and 
B-making a quilt at the same time!  
Win-Win, right?

 This one I get back yesterday.  
It is the Buggy Barn Crazy basket quilt.  
I usually make the binding when I send the quilts off to be quilted so
 I had it all ready when it came back.  
I managed to get the binding machine sewn on last night.  
I just need to turn it and glue it down for the hand stitching.  

Love this one.  I have someone in mind for this one and she doesn't even know, tee hee.

 I also finished the top for the church raffle.  
I sent that off to the quilter this week along with the Chubby Chicks. 
 Do you ever finish a quilt (like the CC) and 
decide you may need to make that one again using different fabrics? 
 I am considering that.  
Although, I have no one to give it to in the first place.  
The chicks may end up in my ETSY shop so stay tuned for that information.  
I finished making the binding too so when it comes home it will be ready to finish.

I had Cole helping me for a bit while I was sewing.

Until Finny came in and decided that 
"Everybody was Kung Fu fighting, Man those cats were fast as lightening".  
 Now you have an ear worm don't you?? 

We are going to visit my in-laws on Friday for the week in Florida.  
f you are near Sarasota, let me know and maybe we can meet up.  
Additionally if you know a fantastic quilt shop near I-75 please share!  
We are driving from Michigan to Florida.

I will probably be quiet after tomorrow until we return as I won't have my computer with me to post.  So that means no WIP's With Friends next week, sorry about that. 
 I really need a vacation though.  Now I have 2 quilts to bind while in the car too!!

So, what are you all up to this past week and moving into this week?

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Gail said...

Love the colors in you Easy asPie quilt. Have a great vacation.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Your quilts look lovely. Gorgeous Cat.

Betty C said...

Congratulations on finishing up some quilts. Have a nice trip. That sounds like a long drive. Be safe.

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