Monday, September 24, 2018

Sewing With Cats (or in this case with Finn)

I was working on my MSU quilt for the camper this weekend.  Or trying to anyway.  
Finn decided that he wanted to be right next to me to "help".

I am making 9 patch blocks and then will applique a Spartan head
(It's really big, thanks to Carol D. for her pattern). 
 I am so close to having the patchwork sewn together.  It was tough with all my help. 
(That paw though).

I usually encourage the cats to lay on the rag quilt you see in the background.  
Finn was having NONE of that.  This is where he started out.

Then the bath took place and he stretched his paw, 
which you see I have actually pushed back at this point.

"This green is my favorite"

"Let me just roll around here and help you".

This concludes my weekend of "Sewing with Cats".

Next up actually getting something done!



Diane O said...

I love your posts, especially about your cats!! They can be oh so helpful in the quilting studio!! We have 4 cats, each with their own unique personality. Thanks for sharing!!

Susan said...

He is one beautiful cat! And knows how to get his mama's attention!

Laura said...

I used to have a cat that would loll on the top of the sewing machine and reach towards the needle as it went up and down. Loving to support my fabric purchases versus the local vet, I would decide to quit or to shoo out of the room. Love to see these posts.

Ioleen said...

I bet you are able to get so much done with all the help at your fingertips. 😂😂😂😂. Rudy tried help earlier but it was just about lunch time so he wanted to eat instead.

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