Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Granny Sew-A-Long Blocks

The person running the SAL put out the final one for December so 
I finished my November and December blocks.  

The challenge for November was to use some Elizabeth in the block. 
We were given the centers we had to use.

This one uses Parisville, Elizabeth and Spirit Animal.

The December challenge was to use a stripe in the block.  
We were given the center.  
Parisville, Eden and Full Moon Forest.

There are still a few centers we need to use in blocks but they are coming along.  
This has been really fun and challenging.  
It has forced me to use fabrics together that I probably would not have done.

I am making progress on my MSU quilt, but extreme socializing is getting in my way, LOL. 
 Such a horrible problem to have right?  
Our apple tree is BEGGING us to pick the apples and process them so 
I believe that is on my "to do" list for Saturday.  
If anyone has ideas for things I can can with apples please link me some recipes! 
 We usually do only applesauce.  
These are pretty tart apples so they are good for baking. 
 I tried pie filling but was not impressed with it. 
 I also make caramel apple jam and it was great, but trying to cut down on sugar.  
I can do applesauce sugar free and it comes out just fine even with tart apples.
Low sugar apple crisp recipes appreciated too.



Susie said...

How about having a go making cider? I know that the tart apples tend to make a sharper cider. It is years since I made some but am sure there are plenty of recipes on the web of how to do it. I do know that it is easier than making wine or beer. Hugs, Susie xx

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