Friday, November 02, 2018

Chris and Monica's Wedding Quilt

This post is a LONG time coming! 
It is so tough to make a quilt that you can't share until it is gifted! 
My son's best friend was getting married. 
Of course that meant he needed a quilt. 
He has been best friends with Chris since they were both 8 years old. 
We are very good friends with his parents too.

I spoke with my son about the colors in their house and bed size etc and finally settled on that the quilt needed to be gray. 
Of course.
 Do kids these days even like colors??  LOL .
 I wanted something with just a hint of color so
I introduced some greenish gray and some bluish gray. 
I am so glad I did that. 
The entire quilt reminds me of sea glass.  I chose a simple pattern, one I have made before and love.  Then opted for LOTS of quilting.

I LOVE how a friendship star is prominent in the middle of this. 
When I was piecing it I did so by putting the HST together in 4 patches.
I had three of the 4 sides right and when I saw that on the design wall, I moved the 4th into place.  Other than that the placement is totally random.

 I used left over HST to form a line on the back on either side of the hand embroidered label.

Notice the strip on top and below the HST lines?  I used that fabric in the previous wedding quilt!

Linking this up at Crazy Mom Quilts.

It sure feels good to share this one!

Enjoy your weekend!!!



Ioleen said...

It’s a great wedding quilt. Love the colours.

BarefootThunder said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the colors. Thanks for sharing.

Needled Mom said...

It is a beautiful finish. The colors are wonderful.

Lynda said...

grey is the new black - I love working with greys and you inserted just the right amount of color. I would have gone a bit wild and put in a small bit of electric blue or something similar - just for fun, but you kept it classy. Anyone would be proud to have their name on the label as the maker!

Jenny said...

JUst lovely, I'm sure the bride and groom love it too!

Mrs Parker said...

Gosh, that is a lovely quilt. It's great how you can make such a beautiful piece with such a simple pattern and subtle colours. They will adore it I'm sure

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Love this quilt. The colors are perfect and the backing is a great addition.

Shell said...

A lovely wedding quilt present! Could you tell me the name of the pattern? Thank you

Vickie said...

My daughter, Monica, and Chris got married in late summer and I'm working on a wedding quilt. I don't even have to ask what color - it will be shades of black, and white. I'm hoping it will look good using the Double Wedding Ring pattern.
Your quilt is stunning!

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