Wednesday, November 14, 2018

WIPs With Friends

I am working on a few things I can't show but there are some things I can so here we go.  

I am leaving for a quilt retreat at a beach in California on Thursday.  
Yes it is in Ventura county but not near the fires.  
In perspective, it is nearer to the fires than I am currently but 
1-2 hours away from the fires in California.

I will be bringing my Ocean waves blocks. 
Maybe I will be able to get all my blocks made. 
 Wouldn't that be amazing?  
What if I could even lay out that entire quilt and sew it together???

I have some little first aid kits that I want to sew so I am working to have them ready for assembly.  
I cut and pieced the tops.  
I hope to get the tops and blue sides quilted tonight.  
Then I can pack them and assemble in Cali.

I made some blocks for another quilt but only used a bit of the colored fabric in the blocks.  
They turned out so sparkly and pretty that I decided to cut up the rest of the fabric I had and make more HST to make it all into broken dishes like this block.  
So they are all cut and ready to sew into HST while I am in Cali.  I
 am hoping to get more blocks made like this and made into 2 baby quilts.

I have been dying to make these mice so dove in and made a pair.  
Not sure what they will be used in but I LOVE them!

I was in the mood for some cinnamon scones. 
 I have made this recipe before.  It is a copycat of the original Panera cinnamon scones and it is seriously the BEST cinnamon scone you will ever eat! 
 In addition they are super easy.  
The most difficult part is finding the cinnamon chips!  
They are the mini chips.
 I found them in Amish country but you can probably find them online too.

That's what I have been doing.  How about you?  
I am linking up with Sew Fresh Quilts.  

You can link up here.

If we get 10 link ups I will giveaway some fabric!!


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