Thursday, November 15, 2018

Meeting Some IG Friends IRL

On Friday I had an eye doctor appointment.  Not significant other than that I drove myself to work. 
 I usually take the bus.  
Normally that is an amazing thing, but when I want to stay after work to do something I can't. 
So on Friday I could.  
Glamp Stitchalot was happening in Ann Arbor this past weekend and 
some of me IG friends were going to be there.  
I decided that I needed to meet up with my friend, Mary (Quilt Genius) and have lunch.  
So her other 2 friends drove her to close to my work and we all had lunch at Angelos. 
 I then took them all on a tour of my lab.  I think, fun was had by all.

 This is Mary and I at Angelos right after lunch.  
She is such a fun person!  
She introduced me to her 2 friends that were equally as nice.  

They all convinced me I should go to Glamp and hang out. 
 I was unsure but because it was basically "free sew" time I decided to go. 
 I got to meet the lovely Kerri (@kidgiddy) 
who designed the ugly sweater pattern in the quilt we are holding.  
I am doing a mug rug swap using this pattern.  This is not the first of her patterns I have used.  

Next up was catching up with Amanda Jean (Crazymomquilts).  
I haven't seen her in several years.  
I can't believe she has a senior in high school.  
Wow, you are OLD, my friend (JK, LOL).

Then came Kathy.  All I have to say about this is OMG!  
Where has she been all my life?!  
We are very similar and it was so nice to actually be able to meet her and 
give her a big ole HUG!!  (or 2). 
She is one of the biggest Ohio State fans I have ever met. 
 It was funny we both had our school colors on and 
just happened to be playing each other the next day!  
She is also the QUEEN of the Ghastlies.

Her team killed ours.  Maybe this was a portent?

Anyway I had a great time meeting old friends and making new ones. 
 I am hoping maybe Kathy and I can connect next year and sew together.  
(Maybe in her gorgeous remodeled basement sewing area? 
Is there room in your heart for this Spartan??)

What a great way to begin a weekend!


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Great pics. How fun to meet people IRL.

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