Saturday, November 03, 2018

Finally...My Purchases From Our Trip to NC

I finally have some time to post about the things I bought while on our trip.  
I didn't take photos of the patterns but here are the fabric acquisitions.  
Have fun looking at all the photos and please come dig me out from under my hoard!

I can't remember what I got at which specific shop at this point, but some of them are labeled.

This Swell Christmas fabric is because I am a WEE bit excited over this entire line.  
If I was rich I would buy all the Swell!

These I bought to make Christmas pillow cases and dish towels with.

 The dots and snowflakes are accents for the pillowcases and dish towels.
I shamelessly have no excuse for buying Thumper or the unicorns other than that I fell in love with them.  I do remember that these came from Millers.

These came from Neffs.  I have plans for that background print, but not the cats.  
C'mon though...CATS!!!  
Cole and Jack.  How could I resist??

One of my favorite lines Sugarplum by Heather Ross.  These came from Calla Lily Quilts.

These were from Helping Hands.  
I see dragon scales and need those for an upcoming baby quilt that is dragon themed.

I can't remember the shop but the blues are for the dragon quilt.  
The other is just because I need more low volume and am out of white dots on red.

More Halloween, low volume and a GREAT stripe for binding.  
Same shop as the Swell.  Country Charm.

Those mice tho...all the heart eyes, AND they are low volume.  
Always looking for that shade of blue and the green on the left is already gone! 
 I used it to bind my Sparty quilt.

More LV and some oranges for the traveling quilt blocks I am currently making.

My FAVORITE find was some of this Coral Queen of the Sea! 
 I was thrilled to find this out of print fabric.

So as you can see, 
I now have way more fabric than I need for more projects than I will probably finish in my lifetime.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!~XOP~


beaquilter said...

Fun eye candy! I want thumper!!!
And shame on you for not telling me so we could meet again! Jk

Ioleen said...

Wow, that was dessert just after I finished breakfast. Some fabulous purchases you came home with. Thanks for sharing.

chrisknits said...

So excited to see you had such a great haul!! I am planning a trip to Parkersburg, so this shows I need to do that for sure!

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