Monday, February 18, 2019

Baby Shower Weekend

**Note this post is super photo heavy**

This past weekend was full of baby showers!  My niece had hers on Saturday.  
They are expecting a baby boy the end of March.

I made some crib sheets, a self binding blanket, some burp cloths,
 a chenille blanket and some bunny ear teethers for her shower.

I have some of these and some other burp cloths available in my ETSY shop.

 Self binding blanket.

 Crib sheets

I can make these to order if anyone is interested.

My nephew showed up at the end of the shower.

The shower on Sunday was for my daughter's best friend that is expecting twin girls in May.

I made her 6 sheets, 2 chenille blankets, 4 teethers and 6 burp cloths

Two really full gift bags!

I totally forgot to get an "after" pic of both of the chenille blankets but used this for both.

Amy opening the aqua one.

 These are the crib sheets I made for the girls.

Burp cloths

Teethers, 2 for each girl.

 Mom and dad to be.

So, as you can see, it was a pretty busy weekend.
I did manage to stop at 2 quilt shops on my way home from the Saturday shower.
More on that later.



Sharlyn said...

All that sewing, and quilt shops? I am envious😉. Beautiful work!

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