Wednesday, February 27, 2019

First Block On The Next Traveling Quilt

I have Jenny's sea themed quilt to work on for our traveling quilts.  
It is the one I am the most intimidated to work on so have been putting off doing anything.  
I wanted to make something to get myself started but I wanted to be able to finish it too. 
 I found a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman called "Nessie" 
(the Loch Ness Monster) that fit the bill perfectly!  
You can find the free pattern here.
I am still pondering how I want to do the water under her but for now the top part is finished. 
I LOVE her!

Close up .  You can see the bird fabric I used for the sky.  

Cool side angle.

I will be adding this to the top of the quilt but can put something in the water under her or just do some improv water like I did with the fish quilt I did last year.  

I have a few more ideas for this quilt, but we are going to go visit our daughter in NC and then on to Florida soon, so no sewing for me until we get back.

I will leave you with a couple of Finn and Cole photos to tide you over.  

Just look at that LONG arm!

Such a good boy!

If you want to follow our trip progress, find me over on Instagram.  I am @mamaspark59 over there.



Ioleen said...

Love Nessie. Finn and Cole are beautiful cats. Cole is like Rudy, long long arms. Enjoy your trip.

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