Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vacation Continues

We decided one day to go and check out the new modern quilt shop in Sarasota. 
 It is called the Modern Sewist.  

As you can see this is a beautiful shop!  They has so many of the beautiful fabrics I only see online.

Before the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary we stopped for lunch at Stottlemeyers.
OMGosh, the BEST BBQ nacho plate EVER!

We went to the Big Cat Rescue in Sarasota this trip.  We have not gone there before. 
 It was pretty interesting.  All the cats are rescue animals and so are all the other animals there.  
These cats eat between 20-50 pounds of meat per day!!!  
They sure are beautiful animals though. 
 Sad to see them in cages, but they make great ambassador animals.
They would otherwise have had to be euthanized, which is even sadder.

The white tiger is called Barry White!  LOL

This Liger (Lion Tiger cross) was called Mia.
She was gorgeous!

They has some Serval cats too.  They are a smaller cat (think Labrador size)
They were so cute!

The last day we were there we went for a ride on my BIL's boat.
Here you see my BIL, hubby and his father.

My BIL and SIL live on Bird Key so we left from their place.

 Out in Sarasota bay just a short way from the bridge we saw a Manatee and her baby.  
There was a single Manatee too but I didn't get a photo of that one.  
It's difficult to get good photos with a cell phone too.

Leonardo DeCaprio is building a home here too and we went past it.
It reminded me of an office building.
We went down the canal to the left of the house and some dolphins followed us.

View from my BIL/SIL house.
Don't you just love the pool??

We had a beautiful sunset and thank them for hosting us!
It is always fun to get together.

 I leave you with a video of the dolphins in the bay.

 A few more quilt shops to share and also the spoils.
I think that needs to hold off for another post though.



Judy in Michigan said...

Wow, so far I have the Mote Aquarium and now the Big Cat Rescue for stops on our trip. We will be in The Villages for a month so time to see stuff. Btw, is your BIL the one who hosted the Christmas party? Beautiful area!!!

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