Friday, March 22, 2019

Vacation Purchases

I know this is what you all are really waiting for right?  
You want to see what I bought so I will share now.

I totally fell for this lined fabric (at the Cotton Patch) and bought a FQB of all the colors.  
GREAT blenders.  

 I have been anxiously awaiting Cheeky so picked up what they had in the store. 
 That blue print goes perfectly with the Neverland fabric I have left over and need to use.  
The fish?  
With a Fisheries biologist in the family and two avid fishermen fish fabric is always a score!

Then I saw the mice from Trixie and the Cotton and Steel mice so picked up a little bit of those.

I have a project that will use these as soon as I get the current "have to" quilts done.  
These are just small bits as they will be sweaters for some cute dogs. 
 These were on sale flannels.

Not normally a panel person but I loved this geometric animal alphabet.  
Scored the Hello Darling on sale. 
 The aqua sparkly linen was...well...sparkly!  
Good for a background and the waves may be used in the current traveling quilt.

 I could NOT resist this dragon line. 
 After making 2 dragon baby quilts I thought this would make a cute couple more. 

If I use the same pattern they go quickly and turn out adorable!

So there you have it.  Most of what I bought while on our trip.  

Hope you have enjoyed our travels.  I know I have!



Linda said...

You got some great fabrics! I have enjoyed your travelogue posts very much. You covered a lot of miles!

barbara woods said...

Wow! Love all those

Ioleen said...

Love reading about your travels. I’m getting homesick again so next year I will go. Great purchases. The blenders are very nice. Love the mice, super cute.

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Nice haul!

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